Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christian Art from deviantART: a Slideshow of Great Art to Evangelize with!

Ready to Serve, and Spread God's Word

There comes a time in every TRUE Christian's life, when you want to share your joy with the world.

Sharing our Lord's prescriptions for life, becomes something you yearn to do - it lifts you higher. Well, this time has come for me, and I am exuberant! But did you know, that when you have it in you to do something spectacular, that God will give you great ideas for your success? As so, this happened to me:

Being a member at IBOtoolbox, you have a chance to freely broadcast articles to the members there, and your article (they call them press releases) will also be syndicated to 3 other sites. Should the members comment on your PR (they get credits to do so), your story will be bumped up on the IBO wall, for a chance at even more comments and sharing. Members can also share your message to multiple social sites via AddThis (more credits). I also came upon one certain member who published PR's of encouragement - she had loads of comments on ALL of her stories.

Just previous to writing this, I posted a press release for the IBO wall: Turning Stress Into Success. I got it from, Solutions and Helpful Advice. They encourage evangelizers to use their content. Within 20 minutes, I got 6 comments, and 5 members who wanted to be my associate. But it doesn't stop there. You see, your latest PR's are listed on every press release page, so the public can brows through them, and read and comment.

I Bless His Name for opening this up for me, and have faith that my stories at IBOtoolbox will give encouragement, as well as lead some to the magnificent life that Christ has for everyone.

Friday, December 7, 2012

What Choice Will You Make?

In order to go to heaven and to be forgiven by Jesus, you must believe in Him first. If you didn't hear Billy preaching, he said you must be willing to change your ways. And if you are willing to change Jesus will give you the power to change your ways, if you truly want to come to Jesus.
This is the greatest choice anybody could ever make. He lives. He directs. He helps you sift through your problems and rebuilds your resolve with stability and precision. In the midst of darkness and emotional storms, He takes over where we on our own, cannot. He overcame the world, and by that only He can help us do it too.
So in return for your comment, If you come to Jesus Christ and believe on Him who bore your sins, YES you will be forgiven and you will receive eternal life.