Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Physical Healing from the Lord Jesus

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Used to be that when I would watch TV with my wife, I'd have to have it turned up to at least 32, while she's comfortable with it set at 24 to 28 (at our settings). And it would occasionally irritate her that I had to have it so loud ... at times I couldn't hear it unless it was at 40. It varied with background noise.

And that's what I recently found out about my hearing problem: it wasn't just a lower volume that I was experiencing, my hearing failure was due to background noise interference, commonly called CPS - Cocktail Party Syndrome. "I say, chap wouldn't that be a nick-name for it?"

Whatever they name it, I had that, and have had it for as long as I can remember (which could be 10 years or 60). So for the last 2-3 years, my wife and I have been looking at hearing aid solutions, none of which we could afford. I'd spotted an ad in Popular Science magazine a couple times, and visited their website. Even though they cost less than $800, that was still something way down the road.

So, I am telling my testimonial of this today, after I've proven to myself and my wife, that indeed, my hearing is much better.

It happened during our church worship, about one month ago. It was a very powerful worship as I remember; I could hear the faint voice of God telling me, "Why not? Are you not worthy? Did I receive the stripes in vain, or are you going to exorcize the faith I've given you?" My wife was astounded, and the following Sunday I announced my healing miracle to the congregation.

I am now even more grateful for returning to the Lord, it's been 13 months, now! Awesome things like this is what pushes us towards a greater maturity with God, and builds our faith for other things to come. So, what's next, Lord?

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