Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't Fret Little Man, God's Got You Covered!

So here we are, my wife, her son, and myself, trying madly to return to a life where we don't have to concern ourselves about getting our power turned off, our mobile phones disconnected, loosing our internet connection, all the rest of the necessities required to survive in today's economy.

Like all winters for the web design and SEO industry, work drops off especially during the holidays. But last winter really hit me bad; I was without work for FOUR months. So our savings drizzled down, and we were caught with insufficient funds... several times. This escalated as our savings disappeared, and our expenses became greater than our income. And there's a collection of other debts that are still hanging.

So now, just last week, my PRIME keyword that has MEAGERLY supplied me with jobs, dropped from Google position #8 to #16. Like it ain't bad enough that my work load was already at 50% from what I was doing last year, and the three years prior to that!

So I'm wondering, just what is it that God wants me to do? It’s not like I can just go out and get a web design job up here... in a town of less than 50,000 people. Do my prior skill, a finish carpenter, at the age of 60 after being out of the circle for ten years? I think not. Especially with our 15% unemployment rate in the Prescott Arizona area!

Fret, fret, fret! Yea, it was mostly me doing the worrying. And then I ran across this blog, Sitting in the House of God:

God is For You
One of the greatest breakthroughs that has occurred in my mind these past couple years is the reality that God is for me. He really is, in everything, every aspect of my life. Even to this day, there are thoughts, and temptaitons to believe otherwise, but I know the truth. What does this look like practically? Here are just a few examples. ... When I sin, God doesn’t separate Himself from me ... God isn’t out to sabotage me ... He’s not hiding from me, He’s not playing hard to get ... 
Do you think maybe God is trying to get me to trust Him in all things? So now I say, "What has more power, God or my circumstances - when am I ever gonna learn?"

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  • If God be for you… SICKNESS can NOT come against you!
  • If God be for you… POVERTY can NOT come against you!
  • If God be for you… LONELINESS can NOT come against you!
  • If God be for you… people may come against you, but you will have the strength to overcome them!

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