Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Spiritual Recovery Back to Jesus; My Experience

I am here, an actual living being. But not just living, I am a god. Whatever I will, will come forth. And yet, I also have a creator who made me. He also has a will, and whatever He wills, will be manifest.

I have known my creator for all of my life. And I have allowed His will to override mine at times. But for the most part, it was my decisions that were allowed. And when I allow His control in my life, even that is a decision of mine, that I felt was the best for my circumstances.

My parents took the time to make sure that I would reverence God, and to believe that He sent His Son into our world to redeem us, which would in turn, allow us to enter into His presence, one of total truthfulness and obedience. And there is nothing of greater importance than total truthfulness and obedience. Without these, we become unknown even to ourselves.

But yet, we must know ourselves, and test to see if this being who represents Himself as the only god in existence, is actually who He says He is. Through out my life, I’ll have to say that I’ve spent more time trying to prove who is god, than living my life at His total guidance.

For the last 18 years, I was developing myself as god. Me, being the god of my life, in conjunction with all the other gods, the other people, who incoherently bring it all together to form the over-all god. It all seemed very logical, We, as a single force, wanted to have life together, with earth, air, water, and fire. So we made it happen, and built this place where we live, each of us placed where and when we wanted ourselves to be. We didn’t need a separate entity to look unto as our creator, as our god.

But that’s where I was wrong; God is NOT a separate entity. We all have descended from Him. He has made us in His image, after His likeness, just as we have made our own sons and daughters. If He has made us in His image and after His likeness, it’s only logical, that we are a part of Him.

I think that the biggest debate about where we came from, stems from the question, where did God come from? The Bible states that He always was, and will always be. And in our limited thinking, that is hard to perceive.

So why do I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, rather than believe in Buddha? According to religious beliefs, Buddha came before Christ, so shouldn’t Buddha be the more natural choice? Nay – Christ always was in existence. It’s just that He appeared in life-form at the time that was necessary for Him to do so.

Jesus is NOT God in Himself. Without His Father God, would Jesus even exist? The Bible takes us back not merely to when Christ appeared on earth, but all the way back, beyond Buddha – all the way to the beginning AND the creation of time.

Proving that God is the only god, and proving that He exists even now, is and always has been debatable. But proving to ones self His existence and work in our lives, is not debatable to him who allows Christ to abide within himself. For 18 years, I have been trying to prove this to be a fallacy, and to my surprise, I have come to realize that it is not.

So how do I know? Only through my own experiences. Being that I have allowed His Spirit in my life, and even though I actually left Him for 18 years, He never left me. What brought me back to Him, was His voice, a revelation, telling me things I needed to hear. This voice that came to me, on January 25, 2012, spoke so distinctly and so forcefully, that it actually resonated all the functions of my body. It was like an electrical shock, that MADE me take notice. It was like a cocaine high that leaves you senseless. It was like a near-death experience that MAKES you wake up. So is this debatable?

Although that revelation convicted me, it wasn’t enough to keep me believing in the God of my fathers. So God had to perform a miracle, something on the outside of me that I could actually see and experience. He allowed a spirit to come and play with me. I was convinced that this was a poltergeist, as it played with the files in my computer.

Hello Rev. Gary Fortcher,
I am sending this message to James M. Thompson, also.
We have a poltergeist in my home, and he’s causing havoc to my work.
I do web design, and use Dreamweaver and Photoshop, but until this demon is gone, I cannot use these tools.
What he does, is move pieces that I have created to another folder, after I have created them and placed them in their proper location. With the Dreamweaver application, he has removed files and placed some that don’t belong there. You can see their different in my web design program from the folder they’re stored in.
How do I know he’s very strong? He appeared to my wife as a solid form, not a ghost-like creature.
I tried to get rid of it by anointing my house & commanding him to leave, but it didn’t happen. So I went to get a priest to do it. He’ll be by tomorrow, but I just know it won’t happen – this one is gonna have to take a high priest – pretty sure.
Steve Shearer

The above was sent to a couple of Catholic high priests on February 9, 2012, who never returned my emails. So I was pretty much stuck. But not for long. I contacted my pastor again, who in turn told me that I have to have faith. Told him that that wasn’t the issue. He said that I could do it, and told me that I’d figure it out. So that’s just dandy – figure it out for myself – huh – thank heaps guys!!

So I spent the next week pondering just what I had to do, and why it didn’t work. Mind you, I told all my friends and clients (as I couldn’t do their jobs), about this problem, and showed a few of them the evidence. I even showed my computer repair man, and he was totally confounded.

Finally I figured out what the problem was – I didn’t cast the demon out in Jesus name. So I got into prayer, cranked up the Christian music, and next morning, set out to try it again. IT WORKED!!! And I was finally able to get some work done.

I know that there’s skeptics out there who would love the chance to prove all this wrong. But it happened to me, and should the same happen to them, they would believe it.

And guess what – it happened again; the spirit came back. So I called my pastor again, and asked his wife, who answered, if a demon can return. She said yes, but only if I allowed it. And yes, I did allow it. I was still drinking whiskey. Uh duh, guess what? Whiskey is a spirit! Not saying that alcohol is bad, but anything of excess can be harmful.

So now I’m back on the right track, but still gaining knowledge of my relationship with Christ. It’s like starting all over. But I have old friends and new friends who are helping me along with the Holy Spirit. It’s a crazy place to be – knowing things that I need to know, but not able to grasp them and use them. Just like anything else, though, it’s all a matter of time.


  1. My advice is to read your bible every day and especially all of God's promises. He is the same today as he always is. His word will not come back to him void. We are also told not to lean unto our own understanding. Our understanding is flawed. Lean only on Christ and through prayer ask the Lord to help you and ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit through laying on of hands.

  2. Hey Becky!!

    YES I agree with you thoroughly!! I use this website for my daily reading: ... and that link shows the verse you just mentioned. PTL!!!

  3. Here's another website that will help you. Go to and you can look up scriptures in several different additions of the bible. I prefer the King James version, but the NAV is also good and explains things in laymen's terms. You can also search by keyword so that helps. You might also Google strong's exhaustive concordance online, so you can look things up from the original languages and find out what the intended meanings of certain words were at the time of the writings. You'd be very surprised to know that certain key words in the bible had totally different meanings back then than they do now, like the word hell...for instance. There are at least three different meanings for the word in the original transcripts and in Hebrew, Caldee and Greek. Also the word "air", which can mean spirit, atmosphere, or breath.

    Anyway, let me know if there's anything you need help understanding or especially if you need prayer. I'm up for that too.